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TV Review: The Man With The 10 Stone Testicles

" With every passing month, Warren's scrotum grew 3 pounds or more.

TV review: The Man With The 10

Some speculated that Warren's interest in fame was bigger than the misery caused by his enlarged scrotum, a charge he denied vehemently.

140 Pound Testicle Man ‘Disappointed’ after Op Shrinks Penis to 1 Inch

5lb of tissue cut away from Mr Warren's groin, was filmed for Channel 4's Bodyshock series and will be shown in Britain tomorrow night.

Wesley Warren, the Man With the 132

Before his operation, desperate Warren described his life as a living, breathing freak show.

The Man with the 10

Then Californian consultant Dr Joel Gelman offered to perform the procedure free of charge as long as Nevada's Medicaid system covered the cost of using a hospital theatre.

Grace Dent on TV: Bodyshock: The Man with the 10

In Australia it was aired on on September 25, 2013, under the title of The Man with the Biggest Testicles and was replayed on on October 1, 2013 and on on March 20, 2014 following Wesley's death.

Wesley Warren Jr: Man who lived with 10

He explained to his surgegion, Dr Joel Gelman that he wanted to retain the giant scrotum to pay for his hospital bill, but fortunately Dr Gelman agreed to carry out the operation for free, which has been documented in a Bodyshock Special on Channel 4, to be shown on Monday.

TV Review: The Man With The 10 Stone Testicles

Had my time for you, do you really wanna hold me? "I do want to be loved one day.

Man With The 10 Stone Testicles

The 's Kevin O'Sullivan commented that Channel 4's "deep sleaze divers" were responsible for scheduling the documentary and that the channel was "the home of shameless voyeurism", while a psychologist interviewed by said that it "appeals to our voyeuristic tendencies — there's something a bit titillating about peeking into the very private aspects of other people's lives and when those people happen to be afflicted by problems that we don't have ourselves, it gives us some emotional distance.

TV Review: The Man With The 10 Stone Testicles

had 132 lbs scrotum removed but is still not happy• Despite criticism from some people that the subject of the documentary was exploited Channel 4 has defended their decision to run The Man with the 10 Stone Testicles by highlighting how it brings to light exactly why there is need for an NHS style system of medical care in the United States.

Wesley Warren Jr: Man who lived with 10

'There are a lot of shows about makeovers, but this is a real makeover,' Dr.

TV Review: The Man With The 10 Stone Testicles

Scroll down for video Wesley Warren Jr's operation to remove his ten-stone testicles has left him hopeful that he will find love one day His penis was buried so deeply within his groin that he had to urinate on himself instead of going to the toilet normally and could not enjoy a fulfilling sex life.